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Christian Wayland

In the sunlight....

Who: Erich, and anyone who wants to jump in
Status: In Progress
Rating: To Be Added...

Erich hadn't left his spot for hours. He simply sat and stared, grey eyes affixed on nothing.

His arms were crossed over his chest, the sleeves of his old sweatshirt fitted over the better part of his hands, thumbs threaded through holes in the fabric. He wore the hood down, his mass of tangled black hair falling over his shoulders and casting shadows across his face. The only movement coming from him was the steady, shallow movement of his breath in his chest and stomach.

A nurse came and went every few minutes to make sure he wasn't getting into any trouble. It had been two years of virtually no activity from the man, and yet they still watched him like a hawk. A schizoid and a sociopath - that is what it said in his files. By definition, Erich should probably be a little more hostile than he was; should probably have driven himself into solitary confinement on more than one occasion...

The simple truth of the matter was that he had no intention on proving anyone right. Erich knew he was a little off-balance compared to the rest of the populus, but that still didn't mean that he lacked control.

One of his ears twitched - the first sign of voluntary movement from him. His eyes moved as well, catching the vague glimpse of the nurse out of the corner of his eye. He didn't acknowledge her, instead just shifting his position on the windowsill he was perched on, bringing one leg up to keep himself stable against the frame.

There wasn't anything interesting in the garden outside.
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