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Sunny Days and Shadowed Moods (Dinah and Elzi in the Asylum garden)

Dinah awoke with a start. Where had she been? It was, It was... She blinked but the dishevelled teatable remained clear in her memory. She jumped again as she realised she was on Alice's bed. It's this place, she thought. It's something in the air, they have drugged the air. She paced figure-of-eights. What made her think Alice would be pleased to see her anyway? What if she knew? What if she didn't? Dinah paced with guilt and anger at herself. The garden was safe. It was best for Alice too. Dinah lept to the sill hurriedly and scrambled out of the window; panting and shaking. She continued to pace in the garden.

Groggily Elzibeth wonders around, enjoying the cool feeling of the grass under her bare feet. The bright sun filters through the trees and onto the ground, bee's flying around the now blooming garden. "Spring has most certainly sprung" she murmurs to herself before looking over her shoulder at her ward for the day in the form of some rough faced man with a toothy smile walking 10ft behind her. Elzi was pretty blasé when it came to him, he was kind enough to let her do as she wished, though he was one of the only people here she never wished to get on the bad side of.

One of the nurses walks past and inclines her head "Lady Elzibeth..." and heads over to the youngman behind her. She screwed up her nose a little, cringing at her title, she didn't deserve nor wish for it. The voices stay quiet behind her as she wonders on, making sure she doesn't stray to far from him. Then finds a nice sunny spot beside the oaks and tulip bed, sweeping her skirt under her, she sits herself down. Basking in the light like a cat, enjoying the warmth on her skin, she lays herself down and stares up at the beautiful blue sky.

Dinah stops to scratch her nose and sits while she does so. Calmer now, she looks up and squints in the sunlight as she realises she has walked some way across the garden. The cells all look the same from here. She wonders if they can see her, all the inmates in those cells. Dinah twitches her tail and, feeling exposed in the middle of the lawn hurries over towards the shade of an old oak tree. Darkness for pondering darkness, or perhaps to hide from herself. The little cat is giddy from tiredness, heat and motion. She bounds as if she feels she can not make it.

She hears a rustling across the grass and looks over to see a thin cat bounding for the tree line. She smiles softly and sits herself up "So there is a cat around here" She says quietly, slowly she gets to her knee's looking over at her ward before quietly calling to Dinah. "Poor things looks as unhealthy as me.."

Dinah starts at the sound of a voice so close but as soon as she sees Elzi she is calmed. She stops in her tracks and looks into the girl's eyes. The sensations confuse her. She looks human but... Dinah rattled her head from side to side as if to rearrange it. The tattered black ribbon around her neck fluttered and danced. Elzi was still looking at her, smiling all the more. Dinah made a step towards her.

Elzibeth quickly looks the cat over "they really haven't looked after you here have they?" she holds out her hand slowly and gestures for Dinah to come closer "Its alright kitty, i won't hurt you."

Dinah steps forward slowly, weary from pacing and worrying. She hadn't approached anyone for so long; she couldn't trust people, and none of them were her Alice. But Elzi seemed harmless enough. Dinah thought she saw something of Alice's old twinkle in her eyes and she yearned for a little contact. She decoded the subtle scent of the girl's fingers; grass, fabric soap, hair. She closed her eyes recklessly and gently leaned her cheek against Elzi's hand.

Her thumb gently runs across Dinah's fur "well aren't you a lovely little thing" Elzi's voice is soft, her blue eyes twinkling in the sun. "So who do you belong to eh?" She moves the ribbon a little to see if she can find any sort of identification on her. "This isn't a very pleasent place to bring a pet..." She muses to herself outloud.

Dinah tenses slightly as Elzi touches her precious ribbon,tied round her neck by Alice long ago. Her greatest fear is of it ripping or coming untied; would Alice recognise her then? On hearing the word "pet" the little cat wonders just whose pet she is right now. Can you be someone's pet when they don't know you are there? Well, she wasn't a wild cat. Since it was Elzi who was petting her she could be classed as Elzi's pet... A strange sort of logic had crept into her brain since yesterday. But it was Alice who made her stay in this strange place, so Alice was her owner still and Elzi was... like Mary Ann. She looked at Elzi's face again. Elzi seemed somehow less human than Mary Ann. She meant that in the nicest possible way. Her face was quizical. Less human and more... what?

She continues to stroke Dinah a little longer before slowly moving her hand away and sitting herself down properly, knee's aching a little. Staring out across the lawn and towards the building that is her prison, she lets out a long sigh. "So were you trying to make a break for it, or just hiding in the shade?"

She lays herself back down again and looks up to the blue above them, clouds lazily moving across the sky. Faint flirtatious words drift along the breeze behind her from the nurses, Elzi rolls her eyes slightly “I guess its coming to that time of year, where we all get a spring in our step and a flutter in our hearts…” She rolls to her side and looks back to the little cat “So have you met any others while on your travels around here? Perhaps that upstart Hargreeves, or maybe Zakariah? “She looks down to the floor and smiles at the mention of his name. “Maybe even Miss Liddell, when they let her out.” She looks back up to Dinah “I wonder how it all looks in here through your eyes?” Absent mindedly she reaches out and begins to stroke the cat again.

Even if she could vocalise Dinah wouldn't have been able to answer any of Elzi's questions. She had not MET anyone in this place. She was approached by strangers and spied on those she knew... "Miss Liddell" Dinah's eyes grew deep and yearning at the sound of her name but something bothered her about the thought of her and Alice bumping into each other. She had always been afraid it might upset Alice and lead to her getting hurt but now Dinah realised something far more shocking; She was scared OF Alice too, scared of not being recognised, scared of the unknown, scared of losing her Alice forever and bearing witness to the stranger that occupied her body. It was all selfish; she just needed to be needed. Dinah twitched her tail as if she didn't care. Looking at things from different angles doesn't change them. Guilt and shame, pah! These were foolish human thoughts. This type of reasoning was humans' weakness. Alice lives here, and I live here because Alice lives here, thought Dinah, that's THAT. Brushing away the medly of ideas and emotions that kept trying to creep into her head, the little cat raised her nose and re-alligned her front paws as if to sneer at the human race.

"Too many questions eh? Been told i do that too much sometimes, i guess i'm just a curious person at heart." She looks up and over as she hears foot steps on the grass coming towards her, then lets out a long sigh. "Looks like its time for one of my sessions with the doctor" Sitting herself up again, Elzi tickles Dinah behind the ear, "don't let this place catch you and gets its claws into you. Get away if you can, you don't want to end up here as long as i have."

Elzibeth's eyes sadden as she speaks to the cat and then stands herself up, brushing off the grass attached to her clothing. Her ward comes over with the other nurse and looks down at Dinah and screws up his nose a little. "Elzi, what have i told you about paying attention to strays, they'll start following you around. " She mutters quietly to herself "sounds almost like the people who work here..." With that he guestures for Elzibeth to walk on ahead, with a quick smile down at Dinah, she does as she is told and heads towards the building.
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