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Enter One and Two

Who: Erin and Elijah Westbrook
Where: In the hallway
Status: Complete

((My Intro post as the Tweedle Twins. ^^ I'm happy to be part of this community! Hope I do well.))

Tiny footsteps filled the hall; echoing together, in sync. Two little, frail hands clasped together, swinging slightly as two little boys around the age of eleven years walked down the hallway; identical pale blue eyes looking in front of them as they walked, identical, tiny smiles on their lips. Their hair fell in a messy way; the auburn colour highlighted in the lights that lit the hall. One little boy looked over to his twin brother, and the other grinned in response to a silent, unasked question. The two then giggled; as if they had shared some sort of joke that no one else could ever understand, because they were not part of their imaginary world; a world where it was only them, and no one else. 

Erin and Elijah Westbrook continued to walk then, not taking note of other patients that walked down the halls with sullen looks on their faces; ignoring the nurses that spoke to them, asking if they wished to go outside. Why would they wish to go outside? Outside was terribly boring; terribly large and terribly dangerous. They didn't want to go somewhere dangerous, because then they might under up like their daddy. 


One of the twins then stopped, forcing the other to stop as well, and the one who had stopped looked out the window. "What is it?" Erin asked Elijah. Elijah looked back to Erin, smiling a little. 

"What do you think it is?" Erin blinked, cocking his head to the right curiously. Of course he would know what his brother was thinking about, but why wouldn't Elijah just say it? 

"I know what it is." He finally replied. Elijah nodded, looking back outside. "It doesn't look dangerous." 

"But it is; we know better." Erin nodded in agreement, before the two started to walk again, falling back into silence; no one in their thoughts. They knew better.
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