Elzibeth Hare (tortured_hare) wrote in am0ng_the_mad,
Elzibeth Hare

In the still of the night

Who: Elzibeth (and anyone who feels like jumping in)
Where: The common room
Status: ongoing

With knees drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them, Elzibeth stares out of the window and into the darkness that cloaks the back of the garden. The moon above struggles to be seen through the clouds as the gloaming starts to turn to night, the wind rustles through the trees, their shadows creating odd shapes upon the ground. A chilling cry echo’s down the hall and into the common room that sends a shiver down Elzi’s spine.

Turning round in her chair slightly, bloodshot light blue eyes with dark bags under them peer round and survey the rest of the room. Elzi’s eyes slowly looks from person to person with the few that are there with her, some just speaking with their nurses or friends. Others sitting there alone doing their own thing, much like herself. ‘Why was it me that she chose over all these others? I’m no different then them, well in some senses anyway…’ Another cry echo’s into the room, this one sounding more like pain then upset. Elzibeth quickly sits back round in her chair and stares out across the grounds again, ‘its been days since I’ve seen him…them, I mean them’ She lets out a small sigh at herself, moving herself round so she lounges in her chair. Legs and feet dangling over one arm, while long brown hair hangs over the other as her head rests against it.

“I wonder what they’ve been up to?” She muses quietly to herself

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