Alley (thewhitebunny) wrote in am0ng_the_mad,

Who: Anyone is welcome! In the Asylum.
Status: Ongoing//Open to All
Rating: I'd say G. This is just a first post after all.

Victoria Evey Lapin sits tense in a plush leather chair in the center of the common room here at Wonderland Asylum. Her knees are pulled up to her chest and her long, white arms wrap carefully around them; she's in one of her moods. E's eyes frantically dart around the windows, staring for a moment and then bouncing to another, and then repeating the process of searching every window. So far there is no on in the room to distract her view, but that always changes.

Her anxiety since the 'incident', as those people in white called it, had gone through the roof, and she kept muttering something about being late to something terribly important. She had even begun to shake, when she heard the door to the left of her open with a creak. 'Another window to look out,' she thought and her eyes raced to the gap before it closed itself, inadvertently staring down the patient entering the room...
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