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Elzibeth Hare

In the Asylum (jump in if you fancy it)

Her hair drapes forward covering the sides of her face, as she rests her forehead on the piano key’s wooden cover. Tears stream down her face, little pools of water forming on the hard wood and she sniffles a little. The nurse hovers behind Elzibeth, unsure of what to do with her. “Miss Elzibeth… please don’t be like this there’s no need, I only asked for one song.” Elzi smirks to herself, she did enjoy playing these games with the new staff, they’re always so kind when they first start here. Maybe it’s just a way of filtering out the weak from those who can cope…

She ponders that thought for a moment, and jumps as she suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder. Elzibeth slowly lifts her head and looks at her nurse, eyes bloodshot from the crying, weakly she smiles at her and the nurse tilts her head, giving Elzi a sympathetic look. “Come on Miss Elzibeth, why don’t we clean you up at bit and then you can show me how beautifully you play. The nurses all say how wonderful it is.” Elzibeth Nods, slowly wiping her eyes, her voice is timid “Well I was told from a very young age I had promising talent…” That was one of her favourite boasts, she knew she was good, always had done.

The nurse pulls out a brush and begins to tidy up Elzibeth’s hair, she does her best to be gentle, but Elzi flinches as the knots are brushed out. “There we go Miss, much better...” The nurse gets up and stands facing her, she leans over and cleans up her face a little “You should make an effort a bit more Miss, you look so pretty when you’re cleaned up and tidy” Elzibeth scowls upon hearing this, and turns back to facing the piano. “Maybe I want people to not to speak to me, just because I am pretty…some of us have more then just looks to go off…” She glances up and raises an eyebrow “Though I can see why you have to use just looks…” A little taken back by the sudden change of tone, the nurse quickly changes the topic. “So…a song?”

Delicately Elzibeth lifts up the lid of the piano, and brushes her fingers along the ivory keys. Sitting her back up straight, and getting comfy, she begins to play the piano. A few other people in the room turning to listen. It’s been some time since she had graced others with her talent, the doctors only allow her to play when she has been well behaved.

I am good, and they all know I am…

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