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Alice Among the Mad - An Alice in Wonderland Role
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Among the Mad

Hello and welcome to Wonderland Asylum, a home for the clincally and criminally insane. Whether you were sent here to serve a sentence or because your family was unable to handle you, the staff at Wonderland Asylum is designed to cater to your needs. Once you arrive in Wonderland, you'll find it hard to part from it.


After returning from her second trip to Wonderland, Alice is distrubed and troubled by her memories of that place. A few years pass and she becomes more and more troubled by the demons haunting her until--one night--she sets her house on fire. Her family dies in the blaze; only Alice and her loyal cat Dinah manage to escape.

She's convinved the the fire was entirely her fault (even though her thoughts are muddled and she can't exactly remember the details leading up to the event). Unable to care for herself, Alice is sent to Wonderland Asylum.

There, she runs into her fellow 'inmates'. Much to her horror (and yet for some reason, delight), these figures resemble the shadows that have been haunting her for over ten years. Her unstable memories begin to assign roles to the people that she meets--roles of characters from Wonderland.

As they fall asleep, the residents of Wonderland Asylum wake up to find themselves in a broken Wonderland. Their memories from the Asylum and those lives are replaced with the ones from the land of Alice's memories. While on Wonderland, they find themselves once again needed to help the girl through the world once again--while trying to prevent her from destroying it altogether as her memory breaks down.

In return, Alice unconsciously helps the inmates of the Asylum as they battle their own demons. In the end, the insane must fight for their sanity.

Welcome to Wonderland Asylum. How long do you plan on staying?

A Few Notes on the Roleplaying Method Used

♥ All roleplaying will be done over Live Journal, but feel free to do logs over AIM or other such IM services.
♥ You will be making a brand new character journal. You use these to make posts and replies in am0ng_the_mad threads. If you choose to make a post in your personal journal, anyone can read them and anyone can comment.
♥ Directly related to the note above, if you post in am0ng_the_mad, all posts/comments are to be IN CHARACTER IN THIRD PERSON. If you post journal entries for your personal journals, which is reserved for private personal scenes, all posts/comments are to be IN CHARACTER IN FIRST PERSON unless you are responding to someone else's scene; the exception to that rule, if the situation calls for it, is when you make small, separate labled OOC notes.
♥ Any and all OOC discussions, announcements, questions, etc. should be made in am0ng_the_ooc.
WHEN POSTING! please include the following template at the beginning of your post!
Who: (who is involved in this RP? If it's taking place in Wonderland, use their Wonderland roles. If it's in the Asylum, use their real names.)
Status: (A simple 'ongoing'/'in progress' or 'closed' will suffice. Once it's 'closed', I will make a post at the bottom saying {CLOSED!})
Rating: (this is just for safety purposes. Please include a rating from G--OT (which is pretty much NC-17); state why it has this rating: sexual content, language, etc.)

General Rules

♥ We are an AU RP. Hence, all our plots and interactions are to be original.
♥ Please try to post at least twice a week when an active thread is running. If there is some reason why you cannot post, please make sure you make a post in am0ng_the_ooc.
♥ No god-modding. That means, if you're carrying out a third person roleplay, you cannot control the other characters' movements as well. There are a few exceptions, however, but generally try to get the approval of your fellow RPer before you do any movements with their character.
♥ Don't get offended by a comment that one character made towards you. This is RP. Don't bring RL into it. Or we shoot you. We have enough drama in our own real lives, as well as the drama that our characters will be acting out. We don't want yours also.
♥ Try to spell correctly. nO sTiCKy cApS or whatever. Don't use l33t/net speak; you appear unintelligent. Make complete sentences. These things make it so the person reading the posts doesn't need a translator just to figure out that 'zomg tat was teh awesomest thign eva~!~!!11' meant 'Wow, that was really cool' in actual English.
♥ At the moment, roles of romance/sexual orientation have not been discussed--anything is fair game at the moment, but expect that to change soon.
♥ Our community will be rated OT. If you are too immature to deal with some things that are rated OT (i.e. some mean language, the step above sexual tension but generally clothed, etc.), don't apply.
♥ Due to that, anything that contains graphic nature must have a warning stating it is not worksafe. Not every post is going to be rated OT, but in certain situations, that is your level. But please leave a warning so people aren't surprised by it or find it as their teacher or boss is looking over their shoulder.

DUE NOTE: You are required to WATCH this community on your mun journals, not to join. Only your character journals are allowed to join. We would also like to ask that only people participating in the community at this time try to watch the journal. It'll keep it cleaner for us in the beginning. That means don't watch it until after you've been accepted! :D


If you have read over all the rules and you are still interested in applying, please feel free to head over to the mod journal and fill out an application!. If you have any lingering quetsions, check out the sample application to see if any of them are answered in there. If not, leave a comment seperate from your application on this post.

Taken Characters
Character Journal - alice_falls
Mun Journal - le_sugar_bunny
E-mail - adgilber@ucsc.edu
AIM - xanonymousbettyx

Red Queen
Character Journal - twiceasfast
Mun Journal - epicstarshine
E-mail - vetropittura@gmail.com
AIM - BlackMageZizi

White Rabbit
Character Journal - thewhiterabbit
Mun Journal -
E-mail - alleytheripper@yahoo
AIM - thewhitexbunny

Mad Hatter Moderator
Character Journal - __mad_hatter
Mun Journal - dragon_gypsy
E-mail - the.mad.hatter.10.over.6@gmail.com
AIM - little lady mab

March Hare
Character Journal - tortured_hare
Mun Journal - absinthe_delacy
E-mail - sweet__jesus@hotmail.com
AIM - torturedhare

Cheshire Cat
Character Journal - decayinglogic
Mun Journal - chibi_kage
E-mail - Sakura_Blossoms402@hotmail.com
AIM - DecayedFeline

White Knight
Character Journal - blanc_chevalier
Mun Journal - ze_coconut_tree
E-mail - thebutterflybone@gmail.com
AIM - midnightplush

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Character Journal - dopple_gangers
Mun Journal - not available
E-mail - angelwing1138@hotmail.com
AIM - dopple gangers 2

Available Characters
Characters in bold are ones we need QUICKLY before we start the RP. For the Tweedles it is up to you if you want to apply for one or both. In addition to these characters, there is also an array of side characters mentioned in Alice in Wonderland, such as the Flowers, the Cards, Bill the Lizard, etc. If you wish to apply for one of these, feel free to do so. If you have any questions regarding anything about the characters, applying, etc., please leave a comment in this post.

Caterpillar, Walrus, Carpenter, Dodo, Duchess

Characters on Hold:

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