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Alice Among the Mad - An Alice in Wonderland Role's Journal
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Below are the 14 most recent journal entries recorded in Alice Among the Mad - An Alice in Wonderland Role's LiveJournal:

Thursday, September 25th, 2008
6:45 pm
Who: Any & All
Status: Open
Rating: G for now.

Evey is led slowly into the common area by a nurse and is sat on the closest couch. She does not protest that this is her least favorite couch, or that it smells like old people. It was her meds, it had to be. She could think logically still, but there was no prying need to tell the nurse to bugger off, like she might have normally. Funny thing, drugs are. When the nurse pats her shoulder, she nods, staring forward and attempts a smile, but sadly fails.

She wants to pull her knees to her chest and wrap her arms around them, but even that seems like a task, so she sits in the comfort of her mind instead. It has been a long few weeks of resisting treatment, pills, and most of all resisting insanity in solitary confinement. Her screaming at the nurses had gotten on some of their nerves, she suspected. It was there that she had just relived conversations she had had recently, to remind herself that there were people outside of the room that she was friends with. Elzibeth, she called a good friend, and Christian, well...she did not know what to call him. A nuisance maybe, but also fascinating in his ways.

She had certainly missed seeing them. She glances over the room with only her eyes, as moving her head is such a hassle, hoping to see one of them nearby.
Sunday, August 10th, 2008
8:34 pm
Who: Christian, Evey (departed), Elzibeth
Status: Open
Rating?: G for now

Christian spent a lot of time alone, in the corner of the common room the patients were allowed to use. In his hands was always the same book, open to the same page, yet his eyes never scanned the paper. Instead, Christian spent his time in the corner of the common room observing the other patients, seeing what they were up to, who they were...

He'd occasionally be bothered by one of the nurses, brushing them off with either no words, or very few. In a very rare chance, he might not brush them off, instead asking a question or two, even making a request for something, whether it was permitted for him to have it or not.

It was late in the afternoon, and the sun could be seen creeping its way across the floor, accenting the nasty shadows the bars over the window cast on the carpet. It looked as inviting as the padded chair the man had curled himself up in.

He watched a mouse scurry, and a nurse scream, three patients trying to rescue the mouse, and the doctor finally picking it up and disposing of it. He smirked a little at what might have happened had he stepped in to 'rescue' the poor staff member...

Christian uncurled himself from the cushion, closing and placing his book delicately on the table before padding across the room to the window. It was the first time he'd moved in more than an hour.
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
12:50 pm
Who: Jezebel and Zakariah (exclusive)
Status: On-going, closed
Rating: PG?

Despite the fact that it was still sunny outside, the wind had started getting a biting chill to it as it swept through the the Asylum's court yard. But Zakariah didn't care much--he always did enjoy the cold weather instead of the hot weather. He was occupying a bench that was more out of the way from where the other occupants of the Asylum that dared to venture out in the cold weather.

At the moment, he was halfway though a somewhat uninsteresting book. He was only reading it because it gave him some form of distraction. The woman at the library told him that it was a classic and he would enjoy it, but so far Zakariah only thought it was so-so. The young man sighed, the breath sending out a small cloud, and looked up from the pages. It was getting a little greyer, but then again, everything at the Asylum looked grey. Even when it was sunny out.
Sunday, July 27th, 2008
11:39 pm
Who: Anyone is welcome! In the Asylum.
Status: Ongoing//Open to All
Rating: I'd say G. This is just a first post after all.

whoever said happiness is a warm gun clearly never held a knife.Collapse )
Saturday, June 9th, 2007
11:15 pm
Who: Zakariah, Elzibeth
Status: ongoing
Rating: N/A

His long legs were strethced out into the dappled sun before him, lazy dark brown gazing up at the trees. There was a soft breeze, barely detracting from the heat of the sun seeping in through the stone bench he was stretched out on.

Things had been quiet for some time, he had decided. Though he wasn't too sure why--his cell was removed from other innmates. But there had been whispers of activity. Not always reaching in from the bars on his door. They crept in through the walls, up through the rough sheets on the rickety cot on which he slept.

Zakariah gave a disgruntled sigh, his left leg twitching slightly to knock off a fly that had landed on his shoe. The dreams were starting again... but they were different this time. Last time they were so frantic. He had been killing then, right? Yes, that was right. The so-called Gabriel on behalf of God. That's what the dreams spoke of then. But now?

Now they spoke of Alice. And empty tea cups. And a deep longing... but for what--or who--he couldn't remember. What else was it that he couldn't remember? Oh, that's right... Shiina. Don't forget her, he had to remind himself. Don't ever forget her like you forgot.... Like you frogot...? Damn it. What's the point in reminding yourself not to forget if you can't remember what it was you were supposed to remind yourself about?

Damn it. God damn it. You swore not to forget. Never forget. Never forget her, was it? Was it a her? God damn it.

What lovely weather, no? Write that down before you forget. That's a good idea. Always write it down before you can forget. That way... you'll know you will remember.

Or you can always ask.... Ask who? Alice? Yes... but not that Alice... the other one. What other one? You forgot the other one. Remember her first, then you can ask her. Only if she wants to talk to you though. You did forget her after all.
Thursday, May 31st, 2007
2:07 pm
In the still of the night
Who: Elzibeth (and anyone who feels like jumping in)
Where: The common room
Status: ongoing

With knees drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them, Elzibeth stares out of the window and into the darkness that cloaks the back of the garden. The moon above struggles to be seen through the clouds as the gloaming starts to turn to night, the wind rustles through the trees, their shadows creating odd shapes upon the ground. A chilling cry echo’s down the hall and into the common room that sends a shiver down Elzi’s spine.

Turning round in her chair slightly, bloodshot light blue eyes with dark bags under them peer round and survey the rest of the room. Elzi’s eyes slowly looks from person to person with the few that are there with her, some just speaking with their nurses or friends. Others sitting there alone doing their own thing, much like herself. ‘Why was it me that she chose over all these others? I’m no different then them, well in some senses anyway…’ Another cry echo’s into the room, this one sounding more like pain then upset. Elzibeth quickly sits back round in her chair and stares out across the grounds again, ‘its been days since I’ve seen him…them, I mean them’ She lets out a small sigh at herself, moving herself round so she lounges in her chair. Legs and feet dangling over one arm, while long brown hair hangs over the other as her head rests against it.

“I wonder what they’ve been up to?” She muses quietly to herself

Saturday, May 19th, 2007
10:44 pm
Reunion: Dinah and Alice in the Asylum (closed)
Dinah's vision floated and shifted as she walked down the middle of the dark asylum corridor. It felt large, tall, and yet constricting all at once. She was going to Alice's room, but not through the window this time. People expect visitors to knock at their door, do they not? It is frightfully rude to leap onto someone's bed uninvited. Her head was full of a vast surge of... nothing, like static, or claustrophobically hot weather. Dinah flicked her tail slightly. She was outside Alice's cell already. Before she even peaked inside she sat down and scratched her ear against the doorframe.
Saturday, May 12th, 2007
3:05 pm
Enter One and Two
Who: Erin and Elijah Westbrook
Where: In the hallway
Status: Complete

((My Intro post as the Tweedle Twins. ^^ I'm happy to be part of this community! Hope I do well.))

Tiny footsteps filled the hall; echoing together, in sync. Two little, frail hands clasped together, swinging slightly as two little boys around the age of eleven years walked down the hallway; identical pale blue eyes looking in front of them as they walked, identical, tiny smiles on their lips. Their hair fell in a messy way; the auburn colour highlighted in the lights that lit the hall. One little boy looked over to his twin brother, and the other grinned in response to a silent, unasked question. The two then giggled; as if they had shared some sort of joke that no one else could ever understand, because they were not part of their imaginary world; a world where it was only them, and no one else. 

Erin and Elijah Westbrook continued to walk then, not taking note of other patients that walked down the halls with sullen looks on their faces; ignoring the nurses that spoke to them, asking if they wished to go outside. Why would they wish to go outside? Outside was terribly boring; terribly large and terribly dangerous. They didn't want to go somewhere dangerous, because then they might under up like their daddy. 


One of the twins then stopped, forcing the other to stop as well, and the one who had stopped looked out the window. "What is it?" Erin asked Elijah. Elijah looked back to Erin, smiling a little. 

"What do you think it is?" Erin blinked, cocking his head to the right curiously. Of course he would know what his brother was thinking about, but why wouldn't Elijah just say it? 

"I know what it is." He finally replied. Elijah nodded, looking back outside. "It doesn't look dangerous." 

"But it is; we know better." Erin nodded in agreement, before the two started to walk again, falling back into silence; no one in their thoughts. They knew better.
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
10:42 am
Sunny Days and Shadowed Moods (Dinah and Elzi in the Asylum garden)
Dinah awoke with a start. Where had she been? It was, It was... She blinked but the dishevelled teatable remained clear in her memory. She jumped again as she realised she was on Alice's bed. It's this place, she thought. It's something in the air, they have drugged the air. She paced figure-of-eights. What made her think Alice would be pleased to see her anyway? What if she knew? What if she didn't? Dinah paced with guilt and anger at herself. The garden was safe. It was best for Alice too. Dinah lept to the sill hurriedly and scrambled out of the window; panting and shaking. She continued to pace in the garden.

Groggily Elzibeth wonders around, enjoying the cool feeling of the grass under her bare feet. The bright sun filters through the trees and onto the ground, bee's flying around the now blooming garden. "Spring has most certainly sprung" she murmurs to herself before looking over her shoulder at her ward for the day in the form of some rough faced man with a toothy smile walking 10ft behind her. Elzi was pretty blasé when it came to him, he was kind enough to let her do as she wished, though he was one of the only people here she never wished to get on the bad side of.
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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
7:51 pm
In the sunlight....
Who: Erich, and anyone who wants to jump in
Status: In Progress
Rating: To Be Added...

Erich hadn't left his spot for hours. He simply sat and stared, grey eyes affixed on nothing.

His arms were crossed over his chest, the sleeves of his old sweatshirt fitted over the better part of his hands, thumbs threaded through holes in the fabric. He wore the hood down, his mass of tangled black hair falling over his shoulders and casting shadows across his face. The only movement coming from him was the steady, shallow movement of his breath in his chest and stomach.

A nurse came and went every few minutes to make sure he wasn't getting into any trouble. It had been two years of virtually no activity from the man, and yet they still watched him like a hawk. A schizoid and a sociopath - that is what it said in his files. By definition, Erich should probably be a little more hostile than he was; should probably have driven himself into solitary confinement on more than one occasion...

The simple truth of the matter was that he had no intention on proving anyone right. Erich knew he was a little off-balance compared to the rest of the populus, but that still didn't mean that he lacked control.

One of his ears twitched - the first sign of voluntary movement from him. His eyes moved as well, catching the vague glimpse of the nurse out of the corner of his eye. He didn't acknowledge her, instead just shifting his position on the windowsill he was perched on, bringing one leg up to keep himself stable against the frame.

There wasn't anything interesting in the garden outside.

Current Mood: blank
Monday, April 30th, 2007
7:42 pm

Unable to sleep, Elzibeth managed to charm her way out of her room, the nurse obviously not in the mood for any conflict that night. She helps Elzibeth move the high-backed chair in front of the big window overlooking the grounds. It was her favourite view in this place, a reminder that there was more out there then just the walls that surround her. The moonlight peers out from behind the clouds, illuminating the dew sat upon the deep green grass. The nurse leaves and goes off to make herself a drink, thinking she is in for a long night, as Elzibeth sits herself in the old and worn chair and draws her legs onto it and under herself. The room was wonderfully silent, the gentle hum of the kettle in the background as it boils the water, and the nurse pottering around in the tea room. The faint light from a lamp behind her illuminates the room slightly, slivers of it creeping down the hallway and into the darkness. She smiles to herself, a warming feeling inside. Elzibeth always enjoyed this time of night, nothing but the moonlight for company and her own thoughts.

She places her book upon the side of her leg and opens it up, flicking through to the middle pages. Pulling the pen out of the gap in its spine, she rests its chewed tip to her pale pink lips for a moment, as if collecting herself, then begins to write.

Elzibeth looks down at the page and reads through, going over the other nights events again in her head, it just all sounded familiar. The headache came back to her as she thought about it, and she leans her head back, closing her eyes and wincing. She raised her hands to side of her head, and started to run her fingers through her hair. Elzibeth’s fingers glided through it and across something soft and furry, she run her hands down them unsure of what this was.

Slowly she moved them towards her to have a look, they were rather long. Wispy grey ears came into view, horrified she let out a scream and jolted forward. The nurse came running across the room, to see Elzibeth sitting upright in her chair panting, her eyes full of panic, book and pen sprawled across the floor. The nurse goes to touch Elzibeth’s shoulder to try and calm her down. “Don’t touch me!” She screams, and the nurse backs off slightly, knowing forcing it would make her worse. Her hands quickly move to the side of her head, checking to see if they are still there “it was just a nightmare Elzibeth, pull yourself together…It was all in your head…” Shakely her hands move back down to her lap, and Elzibeth stares blankly out of the window, afraid to close her eyes.

Sunday, April 29th, 2007
8:36 pm

The sun slowly started to set over the tree tops lining the back of the Asylum’s gardens, an eerie pink glow lining the clouds. Elzibeth chews the end of her pen as she debates what to write in her diary, she was told it was a good way to ‘keep track of what you’re feeling’. She laughs a little to herself at the thought of that, her eyes lazily drift up towards the window and she stares out across the grounds, looking for some inspiration.

 Her teeth continue to chew the end and while her fingers roll the edge of the page she is writing on between them. Elzi slowly closes her eyes, as small smile spreads across her lips as she thinks about the other day. She opens them again and looks down at the blank page. Removing the pen from her lips, Elzi begins to write.

Thursday, April 26th, 2007
5:04 pm
In the Asylum (jump in if you fancy it)

Her hair drapes forward covering the sides of her face, as she rests her forehead on the piano key’s wooden cover. Tears stream down her face, little pools of water forming on the hard wood and she sniffles a little. The nurse hovers behind Elzibeth, unsure of what to do with her. “Miss Elzibeth… please don’t be like this there’s no need, I only asked for one song.” Elzi smirks to herself, she did enjoy playing these games with the new staff, they’re always so kind when they first start here. Maybe it’s just a way of filtering out the weak from those who can cope…

She ponders that thought for a moment, and jumps as she suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder. Elzibeth slowly lifts her head and looks at her nurse, eyes bloodshot from the crying, weakly she smiles at her and the nurse tilts her head, giving Elzi a sympathetic look. “Come on Miss Elzibeth, why don’t we clean you up at bit and then you can show me how beautifully you play. The nurses all say how wonderful it is.” Elzibeth Nods, slowly wiping her eyes, her voice is timid “Well I was told from a very young age I had promising talent…” That was one of her favourite boasts, she knew she was good, always had done.

The nurse pulls out a brush and begins to tidy up Elzibeth’s hair, she does her best to be gentle, but Elzi flinches as the knots are brushed out. “There we go Miss, much better...” The nurse gets up and stands facing her, she leans over and cleans up her face a little “You should make an effort a bit more Miss, you look so pretty when you’re cleaned up and tidy” Elzibeth scowls upon hearing this, and turns back to facing the piano. “Maybe I want people to not to speak to me, just because I am pretty…some of us have more then just looks to go off…” She glances up and raises an eyebrow “Though I can see why you have to use just looks…” A little taken back by the sudden change of tone, the nurse quickly changes the topic. “So…a song?”

Delicately Elzibeth lifts up the lid of the piano, and brushes her fingers along the ivory keys. Sitting her back up straight, and getting comfy, she begins to play the piano. A few other people in the room turning to listen. It’s been some time since she had graced others with her talent, the doctors only allow her to play when she has been well behaved.

I am good, and they all know I am…

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
9:09 pm
Morning Tribulations
Who: Alice (left), Elzibeth, Jezebel, Zakariah (others are free to join in)
Status: Ongoing
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 for language

Zakariah Mathew Jenkins sat silently next to a window. One arms rested against the sill, supporting his chin as he stared out at the drab yard beyond; the other tapped a pen restlessly against an empty page of a book that sat in his lap.

It was another quiet day in Wonderland Asylum. Quiet being a relative term, of course, as there were still quite a few cries echoing from deep in the building. But the others in the room with him kept their usual personal walls intact.

How much longer was he here? How long in the first place...? The judge said... fifteen years. Fifteen years and his point wasn't even proven. What was his point? What had his point been...? Had he forgotten already?

No... no it's only been two months, it's still to early to be forgetting. With a disgruntled sigh, he turned down to his journal, the pen moving with deft scratches across the page.
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