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Who: Anyone is welcome! In the Asylum.
Status: Ongoing//Open to All
Rating: I'd say G. This is just a first post after all.

Victoria Evey Lapin sits tense in a plush leather chair in the center of the common room here at Wonderland Asylum. Her knees are pulled up to her chest and her long, white arms wrap carefully around them; she's in one of her moods. E's eyes frantically dart around the windows, staring for a moment and then bouncing to another, and then repeating the process of searching every window. So far there is no on in the room to distract her view, but that always changes.

Her anxiety since the 'incident', as those people in white called it, had gone through the roof, and she kept muttering something about being late to something terribly important. She had even begun to shake, when she heard the door to the left of her open with a creak. 'Another window to look out,' she thought and her eyes raced to the gap before it closed itself, inadvertently staring down the patient entering the room...
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Sad blue eyes peer though the door opening before stepping inside the room. Her brown hair falls loosely around her face, the white dress hanging off her small frame. She moves across the room with a limp in her step, her hands holding tightly to the side of her clothing, eyes focusing upon the floor as she walks. “Go sit by the window Elzibeth...” Her head slowly moves and looks to the woman, with a small and effortless nod Elzibeth walks across to one of the high backed chairs near the bay windows.

She leans against the arm of the chair, before letting herself slide back into the seat, legs draping over the side, her slippers hanging off her feet. Lazily Elzibeth casts her glance around the room, before letting her head roll to the side and stares out of the windows, her leg bouncing now and again.
E looks up at the new girl in the room through her eyelashes and bites her bottom lip. Her eyes do no blink for a solid minute, and when she finally does she sighs looking away. "Hello. I'm Victoria but my friends call me E. Well, that's what they used to call me, when I had friends."
Upon hearing the voice introduce itself, Elzibeth sits up slightly and looks to where it came from. She looks at the girl for a moment as if trying to work out what she should do next, with an awkward smile and her eyes darting quickly away, Elzibeth speaks softly "A Pleasure to meet you Miss Victoria...I'm Elzibeth Hare." Her hands fiddle awkwardly a moment with her dress, before deciding she is happy with her responce and goes back to her previous postion upon the chair.
Evey, disregarding all social cues, continues the conversation, taking it down an awkward path. "How long have you been here? I don't think I've seen you before, but I often stay in my room, so it's difficult to know who's who. Furthermore, what are you here for?" She smiles courageously, as if not knowing her question could send some people off the deep-end.

If asked the question herself, she would not know how to respond, she was sure. Say what the men and women in white told her, or what she truly believed happened. Her response would be a toss-up.
Elzibeth sits quietly in the chair, the slipper daggling off her foot moving slightly as she wiggles her toes, contemplating the question presented to her."How long have i been here..? Goodness Miss Victoria, that is a rather tricky question...I believe i am now 23 years of ages...but i was..whats was i now? Maybe 18 maybe younger..who knows. So i guess that would mean 5 years atleast.." Her voice sounds slightly bitter as she works out how long it has been, then sighs and shakes her head in defeat.

"As to why i am here, i think i was once seen as a danger to myself...My parents saw it more as attention seeking i guess.."She trails off in thought
Evey nods and then abruptly shakes her head, "I cannot believe that I have not seen you. I've been here for about eleven months now. " She was entirely happy that the girl had not asked her the same question. "Please don't call me Miss Victoria. Call me Evey, or E. I don't think I seem like a Victoria." She blushes and jumps up, moving closer to Elzibeth. "So what do you do around here?"
Watches the girl quietly as she moves herself closer to Elzibeth, her face looks solom though there is a small smile upon her lips. "11 months..goodness, still new and shiney compaired to some of us old lags Miss Vic...Evey" Her gazes moves back to the window and up at the sky "I guess most the time i spend in my cell, let out now and again to socialize with others of this Asylum. If i'm lucky they will let me play upon the piano, but i have to be on my best behavour for such a thing." She gives Evey a crooked smile without actually looking at her.

"But most the time...i sleep.."
Evey bites her lip and nods. "I must say, Elzi, you're luckier than myself. I find that sleep is one of the few things I can get done in this place, or anyplace for that matter." She is not phased by the fact that she has already nicknamed her new acquaintance. "And yes, eleven months makes me the rather baby of the place, doesn't it?" She grins sheepishly and shrugs. "I suppose everyone must be the youngest at some point in their life."
Elzibeth furrows her brow slightly as she listens to the girl "Sleep is often a luxury within this place, but in some cases it is rather enforced and it cannot be avoided."

Her face softens and the smile returns "I'm sure within this place there are many faces fresher then yours, they just haven't decided to speak with me yet. I'm sure there are some here who have been here longer then i, yet they keep to themselves. People are often in their own little worlds within this place and i can't blame them, i wouldn't want to be here if i didn't have to be..."
"That's the trouble with this place!" She giggles, "No social community, I'm afraid! That's what I miss terribly about my beloved outside world. That and my brother. But neither is coming back to me soon, so might as well make due with what I have here. And what I have here is you so far. So congratulations, Elzi, you are my first friend in this dreadful place." She grins and plops down near the other girl.
Elzi sat herself up slightly and swiveled around the chair, delicately placing her feet upon the ground. With her brow furrowed slightly, she shuffles herself forward so she is balancing upon the edge of the seat. Friend…nobody has friends in this place… Elzibeth’s mind wanders around within itself, her face looks calm but her eyes well and tremble. As Evey places herself closer, her body language changes and lets out a defeated sigh. “I believe it is now time for my induced sleep…” Before she even finishes her sentence, her nurse lingers over the chair “Elzibeth, its time for you to go and see the Doctor.”

With a calm nod, she rises from the chair in a fluid movement, though her hands tremble, she keeps the rest of her still as Elzibeth turns herself slightly to look at the young girl “Was a pleasure to meet you Evey…” Her gaze moves back up to the woman, then solemnly she hangs her head and walks toward the door.
"Um, bye Elzi," she murmurs and turns back to a window across the room. The oddities that are in this place continue to mystify Evey to no extent. She shakes her head, not wanting to delve into her mind today, and shakes all logic from her head.

Logic doesn't find company in a place like this.